The reception chairs at a wedding are an important design element. You have a lot of leeway to customize the reception’s decor to fit your theme and aesthetic preferences. When it comes to weddings, guests usually just recycle the chairs from the ceremony into the reception. The classic Peacock Chair, the ultra-contemporary Velvet Wishbone, the sturdy Wood Benches, and many more are just a few of the many chairs, tables, and benches at your disposal. What can you do? Keep reading to find out.

White Peacock Chair

When used as a decorative element, Peacock Chairs add a bold flair to a wedding venue. These rattan and wicker chairs are all woven by hand, and each design is unique. A Peacock chair is an eye-catching addition to any reception area or executive dining room. Because of its vivid hue and one-of-a-kind style, a Peacock Chair is the ideal seating choice for your special occasion.

Modern Velvet Chair

If your reception venue does not have enough chairs available, be sure to rent some. Visiting a rental service’s showroom can help you locate a provider that best suits your preferences. Chairs and other party necessities can be rented, and a wedding stylist or planner can make recommendations. Velvet chairs are an elegant option for today’s ceremonies.

A velvet chair from the middle of the 20th century can cost anywhere from $4,200 to more than $68,000, depending on its size and era. These chairs have a simple, elegant design that complements their organic forms. Made in the wake of WWII, their signature is a positive outlook on life.

Wishbone Back Chairs

The wishbone chair is ideal for creating a calm and peaceful environment at a wedding. The compact size and light weight of this chair make it convenient for transport. The seat of such chairs is typically braided rope, which provides a striking visual contrast to the normal wooden frame. The Wishbone’s timeless beauty is due to its spherical form and real wood veneer.

Cane Back Chair

A wedding chair made of cane gives off an organic vibe. One of the many components of wicker, rattan is harvested from a specific type of tree. While “cane” may conjure images of the tropics, it has nothing to do with cheapness. Instead, it has a natural, organic appearance that can complement virtually any decor. The cost of a cane chair for the wedding is something else to think about.

These spots, too, are extremely in demand, which comes as no surprise. They’re rustic and charming without being inappropriate for a formal event like a reception. They come in a wide variety of colors, most notably white, but also natural wood and even darker fruitwood. The popularity of these chairs dates back to 1889, and they have a history of being both inexpensive and durable. Despite the fact that they are not the finest option for use in the great outdoors, they are ideal for ceremonies and parties held indoors. There’s a style available that will work with both your aesthetic preferences and your budget.

With the above types of white wedding chairs choose the one that will fit your wedding motif and designs. Since white is a universal color, it will be easier for you to match the chairs.

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